A Rather Dry History of This Site

Inspired by the character of Chiana from the series FarScape and tickled by word of the genuine appreciation shown by the performer Gigi Edgley to those she met with, the trio of ExquisiteIrony, Zeal and Niteshade undertook to establish a website and community for fellow enthusiasts. The first website and bulletin board went online at GeoCities, Yahoo Groups and EZBoard (now Yuku) from late 2000 to early 2001.

For the following few years of FarScape's brief run, the hopes of establishing GigiEnthusiasts as a haven for enthusiasts of this unique and wondrous but relatively esoteric and obscure character and the grateful and enthusiastic lady who portrayed it went about as well as could be hoped given zero budget, spare hobby time and FarScape's fired but troubled and not always encouraging fandom. Three redesigns of the website and a move to self-hosted phpbb in late 2004 (courtesy of Niteshade) kept the site going through the turbulent run of the show and subsequent cancellation. GigiEnthusiasts helped in its own ways during the fan-supported efforts to revive FarScape and the resulting "mini-series."

After a long period of modest activity and a move to a new long-term host in 2007, remaining active founder EI undertook to improve and update the site and bboard through 2008. With the continued support of enthusiasts, a serendipitous future continues to unfold for Gigi Edgley and GigiEnthusiasts.

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Thanks go out to the following for their inspiration and/or collaborations and/or support:

Gigi Edgley! :)
ChianaGray - Maxine - Zeal - Niteshade - Bobbie Keane - April Dawn - ChianasGeek - Matthew Frank - Carl - John Whilde - Ritual - ChianasPet - Kyle - BritAngie - Terrilyn Hanson - TropicalArtist - EmeraldCity - Beretta - Dani Moore - MattyMatt - VenomSoup - Nancy - Neil Davidson - Stuart - Hank Shiffman - Paul Hilling - Gigi Neely - Mandy Lamica - and cynicalman for the sole cash donation in these past eight years ($25 permanently held by ezboard/Yuku, just our luck isn't it?).

We would still like to know who it was that saw the Gigi magic first at FarScape production and who created the final original Chiana makeup and costume. We thank them for having helped to make something of beauty happen.

EI owes the world to his family, friends and kitties.

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